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Story of my Zander fishing on a 3 day long weekend.
Total catch: 21 zanders + 1 pike + 7 catfish.
Trust me, I was not aiming to catch catfish, but shomehow there is no fishing where they are no showing up 🤣
Friday: Danube. “Thanks God” hydroinfo has fucked up water level report for Friday down so water lever increased with 50 cm more than reported. It’s not a lot to them, but it is ruining my fishing. I thought, I will freak out. I suffered as hell to catch zanders, they were not in their usual places. Then, by some miracle, I managed to catch 4 ea, from the “not so bad” kind. Number of hours spent fishing: finished with 16h . 😎

Saturday: Pécs Lake. The situation was improving, but by the time I ended up on a lake from Danube it was 11am, there was 25km/h wind that held until the evening. Thanks to the minimal spot knowledge, 8 zanders, 1 pike and 5 lost fish, from which unfortunately there was one around 10 kg catfish.

Sunday: Secret place. Perfect windless weather for the whole day. I had an awesome fishing day, which is shown in the results. 9 zanders, 7 catfish and about 10 missed bites.

In overall, it was not a bad fishing trip, but now I need 2 days to heal 🤣

Equipment: 2 spinning and one casting set.
1. Dragon COBRA 18-50gr + Ryobi TT Power 5000 + Dragon Nano Clear 0.18mm
2. Dragon FC-X Fast Cast 5-25gr (spinning) + Dragon Team FD 1030IZ + Dragon HM8X 0.08mm
3. Dragon Nano Core Cast 21, 4-21gr + Dragon SHS 200 IL + Dragon Fishmaker 0.06mm

Bait: Dragon soft baits.
Maggot 7.5 cm 10 cm
Viper Pro 7.5 cm
Lunatic Pro 7.5cm 8.5cm
Jumper 7.5 cm
Belly Fish Pro 7.5 cm 8.5 cm

Mustad 2/0 – 3/0 – 4/0 from 3gr to 20gr.

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