Bann Velley Flies (set of 3)



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Dabbler – Yellow Fluorescent, Dabbler Firey, Dabbler Pearl, Dabbler Pearl Claret, Dabbler Pearl Silver, Dry May – Lough Derg Wulf Yel (B), Dry May – Lough Derg Wulff Green, Dry May – McGraths Spent (B), Dry May – Mosely May (B), Dry May – Polyball May (B), Dry May – Wulff – Irresist Natural, Dry May – Wulff Grey (Small) (B), Dry May – Wulff Mini (B), Dry May – Wulff Yellow (B), Green Rita, Green Wulff, Grey Wulff Fl Rib, Irresistible Wulff – Gold, Royal Wulff Green, Spent Klinkhammer, Wet May – French Partridge Clare, Wet May – Hackle May Variant (B), Wet May – Hatching Mayfly (B), Wet May – Lough Arrow Green, Wet May – Wet May (B), Wulff – Mini – Olive (Light) (B), Wulff – Soft – Grey (B), Wulff – Soft – Olive (LT) (B), Wulff – Soft – Yellow (B), Wulff Green, Yellow Mayfly – Red Rib


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