Fox Rage Spikey Shad & Ultra UV 6cm (set of 3)


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Are you looking for something special, a kind of breakthrough in the shad market? You have found it the name is Spikey! Everywhere Spikey was shown it caused quite a stir. With its 264 spikes it produces micro vibrations, which are extremely attractive for all predators. These spikes are very flexible for a natural life like feeling and give the fishermen the opportunity to add long lasting bait pastes onto the lure. It is injection moulded, with a super soft rubber mixture giving the perfect lure shape and a very attractive movement, even with the slowest retrieving rate. A real hit for zander, perch and black bass when fishing with a jig head or all modern US-rig types.


Giving lure anglers the edge through advanced, visual attraction technology, the new Ultra UV range covers three of our most effective soft plastic shad lures. Rig them up, get them in the water and give them a target they can’t help but strike.

  • Ultra Violet finish for advanced visual predator attraction

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