Preston Innovations natural series hooks barbed, Perfect for POLE, WAGGLER and FEEDER fishing.

Packed: 15 pcs in pack.


The longer shank makes the N10 perfect for smaller species like roach, perch and skimmers. Suited ideally to smaller baits too, like maggots, bloodworm, pinkies, casters, etc. Anywhere that you fish for smaller species and lots of them these N10’s will be perfect.

Available from a size 22 right up to a 12, so whatever size of fish you’re targeting and bait you’re using these will be the hook for you


The gape on the N20 makes it perfect for species like roach, hybrids, bream and skimmers both on the pole and feeder. However, the thicker wire will cope with any bonus fish you’re likely to hook.

Available in sizes 10 right through to 18, covering different bait and fishing situations.


The super sharp point and nickel black finish are two key features, along with the optimum shape. This shape and wire thickness is perfect for fishing with baits like worms, maggots and corn. This is a go to hook for a lot of feeder anglers. We found in development that a hook with a similar shape wasn’t strong enough for modern day feeder fishing. This is why we’ve slightly increased the thickness of the wire and reinforced the key stress areas which actually causes the hook to bend out of shape.

The N30 is available from a large size 10 right through to an 18, so no matter hat baits and venues you target this hook will give you a wide variety of options.


The N40 is ideal for a wide range of pole fishing situations. The thinner wire and wide gape makes it the perfect shape for baits like worms, maggots, casters, pinkies.

This hook is an out and out small silverfish pattern that has been designed for species like roach, skimmers, perch and bream. The N40 features a super sharp point for increased efficiency and a subtle optimum nickel black finish.

Available from a size 20 right through to a 12, so whether you’re bagging with silvers or having to fish with a more refined approach these hooks cover all options.


The N50 is the heaviest hook in Natural series. This thick wire gauge hook is perfectly suited to tackling big powerful fish. This is a real animal of a hook and can land pretty much anything you’re likely to hook, featuring an oversized spade and extra tough barb.

This hook is ideal for baits like worms, casters, corn, maggots and even meat. It’s ideal for bagging sessions on a feeder and landing big bonus fish on a pole.

Available in a wide size range, from a whopping size 6 down to a ore refined 18.

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