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The series of Dragon X-TREME rods is the continuation of very durable blanks known from the XFORCE series. They were created as a result of continuous increase of popularity of modern sea fishing. Nowadays many of the anglers who are advanced in spinning fishing fish from several people boats which define different parameters of used equipment. It turned out quite quickly that these rods found another application. In Poland as well as in another European countries, they are used by catfish anglers and this is where they are mainly used.

X-TREME HD blanks are produced in Super Tight Wind® (S.T.W.) in 100% computer controlled production line allows to achieve unprecedented precision of reeling graphite prepregs. They are arranged quite tight and they do not have to be grinded at any stage, what in result allows to put on a very thin core dozens of thin layers, having the blank which thickness of the case is very close to the inner diameter.

The effect are the rods which looks like spinning rods with medium acton have the parameters of casting and fight reserved for solid pilker rods.

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200C 1,98m 60-200g, 200S 1,98m 60-200g, 300C 1,98m 100-300g, 300S 1,98m 100-300g


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